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At Alok, product quality is of paramount importance; it is also one of the reasons why our products have gained acceptance across seventy countries and some of the world's most demanding customers. Testing for adherence to quality parameters is, therefore, an integral part of the manufacturing process at Alok. To ensure that our products conform to the highest quality specifications, we have set up a number of laboratories at our plants, with state-of-the-art testing equipment.

At our Spinning plant, Alok tests for raw cotton properties like length, strength and colour fastness, short-term variations and imperfections, yarn elongation and yarn count. The list of equipment at the testing laboratory is given below.


HVI Spectrum  
  • Testing of raw cotton properties like length, strength, miconaire, colour
  • Testing of neps in raw cotton and in process material
  • Testing mass variation in sliver, roving and yarn
  • Checking short term variations like imperfections (Thin places , thick places and neps) and hairiness in the yarn
  • Checking seldom occurring yarn faults and their classification
  • Checking single yarn strength RKM and Elongation of yarn
  • Checking count of sliver, roving and yarn
  • Keeping the test facilities in line with prevalent Indian textile terms (like CSP)

In addition, we have also installed a twist tester for checking amount of twist in the yarn; a trash separator checks the level of trash in cotton.

Apart from this, the laboratory is backed with LUWA air conditioning systems to maintain international testing atmosphere for textiles as per ISO 139:2005.  

The two laboratories at Vapi are designed for testing home furnishing fabrics and apparel fabrics, as well as knits fabrics. The equipments installed in these laboratories are from world leaders such as Mathis, James H. Heal, U.K., Whirlpool, IFB etc. Colour measurement is conducted through Datacolour 600 plus CT machines, Colour Eye 7000 A from Grateg Macbeth, USA and a 3-auto colour dispensing system from Datacolour. In addition, the following testing equipments are also installed.

  • 3 nos. Spectrophotometer
  • 3 nos. Auto Color dispensing systems
  • 2 nos. Color viewing cabinets
  • 3 nos. Grateg Macbeth-SPLIII-2
  • 1 no. Verivide –CAC-150-1
  • Apollo light and weather fastness tester
  • Tensile strength tester Titan from J.H. Heal
  • Tear strength tester Elmatear from J.H. Heal
  • Pilling and abrasion tester from Nu-Martindale
  • Crock meter, Laundrometer, Perspirometer, Gyrowash, Wascator, front loading washing machines from J.H. Heal
  • Whirlpool top loading washing machines and tumble dryers
  • Lab dyeing padder, Stenter, CDR, E-Control pad steamer from Mathis
  • Labomate-exhaust dyeing machines from Mathis
  • Rota Dyer, Conditioning cabinet from J.H. Heal
  • Colour solution maker
  • Total physical conditioning plant from M/s LUVA.