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Alok - Zameen Value Chain
Sustainable Growth

Alok - Zameen Organic & Fair Trade Golden Supply Chain

Aloks efforts have led to a sea change in the lives of farmers in the Vidarbha region in the east of Maharashtra and many other similar distressed areas. Vidarbha is a cotton growing area that often creates headlines because of crop failures and farmer suicides. Dependence on rains, over use of chemical pesticides and lack of institutional loans for small and marginal farmers has led to this situation in this region.

Alok in association with Zameen organic has endeavored to form Asias first farmer owned Fair Trade Company, supporting conversion of thousands of small and marginal farmers to organic farming and helping them establish independent co operatives. Involving 6000+ member farmers this partnership is a commitment right from:

  • providing the farmers with pre-finance to procure essential agricultural in puts in the beginning of the growing season,
  • technical support to each farmer for conversion to organic farming,
  • Arranging the Organic and fair trade certification for the growers,

An effective marketing campaign by Alok and Zameen will help this concept to reach out to brands across the world thus enabling us to supply large volumes of Organic & Fair Trade textiles to the best brands in the world.