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Alok - Zameen Value Chain
Sustainable Growth

Alok Industries' focus on activities related to sustainability is at the core of its long term goal of being a leader in providing sustainable and integrated textile solutions. The sustainability programmes includes interventions in prevention of environmental degradation, promotion of energy conservation and stress on community development.


On the environment protection front the thrust is on green development. This includes promoting green procurement to minimize environmental degradation through mitigation of environmental impact on Climate Change and pollution of Air, Water and Soil. At Alok, waste recycling is actively pursued across all its processes by establishing long term contractual relations with vendors, contractors and agencies with established credentials on waste recycling. The endeavour is to demonstrate environmental leadership and influence the industry and citizens at large to encourage use of environmental friendly products, processes and services. The Company is emerging as a model in the region for Waste management by supporting innovation, development of new technologies and creation of demand in the mainstream society for environmental friendly products and services.
The Company increasingly uses ethical fibres like Organic cotton (cotton grown without the use of external synthetic agricultural inputs like fertilizers and pesticides and helps conserve the environment from the harmful effects of the use of hazardous agro chemicals) and Better cotton from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) (involves educating the cotton growers to adopt the Best Management Practices in cotton cultivation). This is not only leading to helping conserve the fragile environment threatened today by indiscriminate use of agro chemicals and pesticides but will also help farmers get a decent farm earnings sustain their livelihoods.
In addition, the Company has 'best in class' ETP system established for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of effluents and reverse osmosis plant to optimize water conservation. It also has
"Green Zones" around all facilities and encourages planting of saplings to conserve ecological balance. The Company has strived to minimize air pollution from its plants and units by installing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems in the exhaust of the DG sets which reduce oxides of Nitrogen. Alok encourages the use of recycled products and has set up a recycled polyester unit with an initial 10 tons/ day of capacity to recycle polyester and polyester yarn waste, flakes and PET bottles to produce 100% recycled polyester fibre.

Energy Management

Alok is committed to:
� Achieve the lowest Specific Energy Consumption per unit of product, thereby minimizing Greenhouse emissions, solid waste and water pollution.
� Attain sustainable development by continuously improving Energy Conservation and Energy efficiency throughout the production cycle.
� Prevent wastage of energy in any mode - steam, water, air or power - by efficient and most optimal use of resources.
� Comply with all applicable legislations, and best practices on Energy Management Community Development
Alok is a Fair Trade (FLO) certified company and value the fair price concept across the value chain. Since the textile chains have resource poor growers as the weak link at the far end of the chain, Alok initiated and has been instrumental in few of the well known Organic & Fair Trade cotton projects in India and abroad where in a premium is paid to the marginal Organic and Fair Trade cotton growers. Alok buys back their farm produce to enable them effectively integrate with the market and remain sustainable in a highly volatile cotton business. Alok partnered with Zameen Organic in an effort to form a golden textile value chain which included a farmer owned Organic & Fair Trade Company.
Similarly, cotton made in Africa (CMiA) is another important variant of sustainable cotton type Alok is into and supplies its quality products to sophisticated markets in parts of Europe. Alok has been playing a key role in a very ambitious Organic & Fair Trade cotton project in West Africa which has the world's top lingerie brand on board.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are integral to operations at the plants. Alok has started a public school with CBSE Board in Silvassa. It employs tribal women on weaving looms and garment/made up stitching machines after intensive training and orientation. The Company has a Private Public Partnership with Silvassa Administration for converting the Government owned Industrial Training Institute into a centre of excellence.